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Introduction to Holocaust Literature

Divulgamos o mini-curso intensivo que será ministrado pelo Prof. Dr. Maxim D. Shrayer (Boston College, USA), renomado especialista em literatura russa e em estudos judaicos:
"Introduction to Holocaust Literature" 
Course Description
A brief overview of the history and legacy of the Shoah (Holocaust) followed by an examination of the variety of literary responses by literary witnesses and survivors, as well as by writers removed from the wartime horrors by distance, time, country, and language. Questions of metaphysics, ideology, ethics, aesthetics, memory, and cultural theory as formulated and debated in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and discursive writings. The readings include works originally written in Russian, Yiddish, Polish, German, French, and English by Ilya Selvinsky, Vasily Grossman, Ilya Ehrenburg, Pavel Antokolsky, Lev Ozerov, Avrom Sutzkever, Tadeusz Borowski, Paul Celan, Theodor Adorno, Elie Wiesel, Vladimir Nabokov, Hannah Arendt, Arthur Miller, W. G. Sebald and others. All the required readings will be in English translation; the students are encouraged to read these works in the original if they can and contribute their linguistic and cultural expertise.
Informações úteis
O curso será oferecido em inglês e se dirige, preferencialmente, a um público de pós-graduação. Sura duração: 28 de maio a 1 de junho (de 2ª a 6ª feira), de 9h às 12h.Local: sala L-1156.
Organização: Instituto de Estudos Avançados em Humanidades e Programa de Pós-Graduação em Literatura, Cultura e Contemporaneidade da PUC-Rio.
O aluno que desejar assistir o mini-curso deverá solicitar inscrição para Daniele <>. Código da disciplina : LET 2519/1DC. Vale 1 crédito (15 horas). Vagas limitadas!
Currículo resumido do Prof. Dr. Maxim D. Shrayer:
The author and scholar MaximD. Shrayer was born in Moscow,in 1967, to a Jewish-Russian family, and spent nine years as a refusenik. Heand his parents left the USSRand immigrated to the United Statesin 1987, after spending a summer in Austria and Italy. Shrayer attended Moscow University, Brown University, Rutgers University and Yale University, where he received a Ph.D. in1995. He is Professor of Russian, English, and Jewish Studies at Boston College, where he co-founded the Jewish Studies Program. Shrayer has authored and edited over ten books of criticism, biography, non-fiction,fiction, and poetry, among them The World of Nabokov’s Stories and thepath-breaking critical study Russian Poet/Soviet Jew. He is the author of the acclaimed literary memoir Waiting for America: A Story of Emigration, the firstwork to chronicle the experience of Soviet Jewish refugees in Austria and Italy, and of the collection Yom Kippur in Amsterdam. Shrayer won a 2007 National Jewish Book Award for histwo-volume Anthology of Jewish-RussianLiterature, which has become a standard text for the study of Russia’s Jewish culture and history. Maxim D.Shrayer has been the recipient of a number of fellowships and awards, includingthose from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Bogliasco Foundation. He lectures widely on topics rangingfrom the legacy of the refusenik movement and the experience of ex-Soviet Jewsin Americato Jewish-Russian culture.
For moreinformation, visit Shrayer’s literary website at or hisacademic website at

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